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"This book has been a life saver for my picky eating twin girls!  At age 5, they were living off of dairy and wheat and refused to try any new foods.  I got a copy of Admiral A and read it to them and they were intrigued with this Admiral A character that healed their skin, gave them strong teeth and helped them fight colds.  I knew it had impacted them when one of them exclaimed how quickly she had healed from a paper cut “because she ate Admiral A”!  They have now tried many new foods and are less hesitant when a new food is presented to them.  I look forward to the rest of the series!  Thank you, Karen, for this fun, adorable, colorful educational book!"  

                —Dr. Lisa Ilyankoff


"This book is fun, entertaining and it works! After reading Admiral A to my 4 year old grand-daughter, she insisted on having carrots for breakfast!

I definitely recommend this book! I can't wait for the upcoming books in the series!  Love it! Well done!!" 

                —Deborah Slye, grandmother 



“What a fun way to introduce and get children interested in good nutrition. I read this with a class of first graders and they were engaged, interested, and excited about the adventures of Admiral A. I love that there are fun ideas at the back of the book to give parents and children ideas to easily add healthy foods with vitamin A to their diet. If you are looking to get your child or students interested in eating healthy foods, this is the book for you. I'm looking forward to the next in the series! “

                — Iris Grasst, teacher



“ As an adult, I really enjoyed this book! As much as I think I know about health, I was happy to see all the diagrams which go into detail about Vitamin A. I really appreciate the list of foods in the back and the recipes! Looking forward to the next vitamin featured, and until then, I'll be giving this as gifts to all my friends' kids.”    

                — Anne Stanford, mother


“ In a world where packaged foods predominate, this book brings back to LIFE the importance of eating fresh food.  The way BODYOPOLIS touches on the creative imagination of a child while still upholding the intricate science of nutrition is captivating [for ALL ages!].  Admiral A is leading the way towards nourishment in LIVING COLOR.  Savor + repeat.”

                —Ellie Kempton MSN, RD, Simply Nourished Nutrition

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